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Network & Internet Security: As networks become an integral part of our lives, advanced network security technologies are being developed to protect data and preserve privacy, especially Internet privacy. By examining and filtering network traffic at the network boundary, firewall software and firewall hardware are a primary means of protection for many networks. Different companies need different types of security. Call today to schedule a network analysis.

Remote Backup Services: Networking & Computer Consultants, Inc. Remote Backup Service provides safe, reliable backups that are stored off premises. The process is really quite simple: Your computer calls our storage computer via modem and transfers your data in a compressed and encrypted file. This provides a full 365 days of incremental backups. On any given day in any business, tasks tend to get priority in order of immediate importance. There seems to be too many things to do and not enough time to do them. That is a fact of life in running a business. Backups tend to end up somewhere at the end of the list.

Count on the professionals at NCC to help you cut the cost and complexity of supporting hardware, software, and network environments. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services for environments of all sizes and all types. We can simplify your life with single-point-of-accountability lifecycle support; rapid-response coverage around the clock; and flexible service plans to suit your needs and budget.